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Warning there is no physical progress in this compound up to this moment.

Location: Km 186, Alex. Matrouh Desert Rd., North Coast.

Sabiduria North Coast

Location: Km 186, Alex. Matrouh Desert Rd - North Coast. Near To Marassi Touristic Village

I am Sabiduria. Amidst my green walls lies my secret, which will not be discovered unless you visit me, take a walk on my soft sandy beach, and enjoy the smooth waves. I am Sabiduria, a world designed especially for you, where you will find all what you wish for, coated with personalization, luxury and fun time all year long. A full integrated world of services, where you will feel that is only made for you.

One Of Sabiduria Amazing Secrets, Is Green Architecture As For The first time in the north coast Sabiduria is built to preserve and integrate with mother nature, starting from EARTH CONSTRUCTION BLOCKS , to air as the main insulator while using the cavity walls building technique, and the use of solar panels to heating water and generate energy, as well as the living walls to cover the buildings, so you are always surrounded with a green scene, and that makes Sabiduria the only eco friendly resort in the north coast.

Sabiduria North Coast | سابيدوريا الساحل الشمالى

SE 1853

Sabiduria, North Coast Resorts, North Coast

Chalets For Sale in Sabiduria

EGP 1,763,000
172 sqm
Floor No.